Special Report on the 3rd Anniversary Celebration

Special Report on the 3rd Anniversary Celebration

17th,June, 2019 , it comes our Hiplastics 3rd anniversary.

Another year , Another great progress for HIPLASTICS people.

It is also an important milestones for Hiplastics.

Established on 17th, June,2016. Hiplastics has Experienced the most important past 3 years .Mr.Forest &Stefano,who are the boss  of the hiplastics Walk up to the podium and express his great appriciation to HIPLASTICS team, “Incredible team that we have is the great foundation for the continuous progress of HIPLASTICS.Hiplastics will continue to build a sustainable business by manuafacturing  and marketing high level plastic for better living .Let’s strive for a better and brighter future of HIPLASTICS .”


Happy Birthday to Hiplastics

At 6pm, Hiplastics  ushered in an 3rd birthday cake.This time, special Guest from NICOLISPROJECT  were invited to celebrate the 3rd birthday together with us.


Dinner begins

After the ceremoney , dinner begins , everyone is enjoying the  delicious food and drink.Let's raise our glasses and toast together to a bright future of Hiplastics.